The ultimate purpose of FORGIVEN is to minister, in the name of Jesus Christ, to all people, both saved and unsaved. We are commanded to proclaim the Gospel to all who would listen and hear (Romans 1:16, Romans 15:16). If, at this moment, you are uncertain whether or not you are bound to spend eternity in Heaven and you feel you need a personal saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, we invite you to continue reading where the plan of salvation will be presented to you. To all that are reading this, may God richly bless you!

How To Have Eternal Life

Step 1:   Realize Your Current State.

The first step in obtaining eternal life is to recognize what is keeping you from it.   The Bible teaches that all people have sinned against God (Romans 3:23).   Sin is anything we do that is wrong or displeases God who is perfectly holy and righteous.   Because God is holy, sin cannot be in his presence, and since all people have sinned all people are separated from him and cannot enter heaven when we die.

Furthermore, the Bible teaches in Romans 6:23a that there is a price to pay for being a sinner: that price is death.   Because God is perfect in his justice he can let no sin go unpunished.   Therefore, the penalty for sin is death, not just physically, but spiritually. Since everyone sins, everyone dies. Spiritual death is spending eternity in hell separated from God.

Step 2:   Realize That God Loves You Deeply And Made A Way For You to Avoid Hell.

Because God loved you so much he didn’t want you to be separated from him and suffer eternally in hell (Romans 5:8).   Therefore, he came to earth in the form of the man Jesus Christ to take our punishment for us.   Jesus lived a perfectly sinless life and was crucified at the hands of wicked men.

While on the cross the sin of the world was laid on him and when he died the price of the sin was paid (remember: the price for sin is death).   He paid the price for our sin so we wouldn’t have to.   He died in our place making it possible for us to have our sins forgiven and enter into the presence of God (eternal life) when we die (Romans 6:23b).   Three days after his death he rose from the grave and was seen by hundreds of people for the next 40 days before he ascended into heaven.

Step 3:     Realize How to Obtain God’s Gift of Eternal Life: Believe That Jesus Died in Your Place for Your Sin And Confess Your Sinfulness to God Making Him Your Lord.

The price for sin has been paid and the way has been made, but you must respond to God’s gift of salvation.   Exactly how does one receive eternal life?   The Bible teaches that we must believe that Jesus died in our place paying the penalty for our sin (Romans 10:9).   If you believe Step 1 and Step 2 with all your heart you meet this requirement.

You must pray to Jesus:

  1. Confessing that you are a sinner asking his forgiveness.
  2. Declare him the Lord and Master of every aspect of our life.

The Scriptures tell us that we must call upon the Lord to receive eternal life.   Romans 10:13   If you are ready to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior simply pray the following prayer to Jesus from your heart.   REMEMBER:   Salvation is not some magic words you say in a prayer, it is the surrendering of your life to God which is done through prayer.

The Simple Prayer of Salvation

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for dying for my sin taking the just punishment I deserve.   Please forgive me of my sin.   Right now I turn from my sin to you for my salvation.   Help me to sin no more.   I give you my life right here, right now, and commit to serving you from now on.   Thank you for saving me.   In Jesus’ name.   Amen.

If you have just received Christ or would simply like to know more about Christ please get in contact with your local church.   It is critical that you have fellowship with other christians so that you can grow in Christ.   In addition, please send us an E-mail message telling us of your decision.   We would love to pray for you!